Real Estate Law

T&M provides comprehensive real estate advice. We cover all aspects of relevant law pertaining to ownership, construction and management of real estate assets. We offer our clients:

  • Review and initial legal opinion regarding the ownership title/ limited property rights and existence of liens, encumbrances and injunctions over real estate;
  • Exhaustive due diligence reports including acquisition history, zoning status and possibilities for development, construction permits and limitations;
  • Structuring and negotiation of real estate deals, including payment securitisation schemes, escrow and other guarantee agreements;
  • Real estate finance advice in acquisitions, development and re-development;
  • Drafting all manner of construction contracts, including FIDIC contracts. Preparation of all other contracts that may form part of the process of construction and management of real estate, e.g. design, independent construction supervision, O&M, Property Management Agreements, lease agreements, etc.;
  • Assistance with land use designation changes, i.e. agricultural to commercial or residential, before the relevant authorities.
  • Legal assistance during zoning and planning amendments, establishment of easements on land plots related to construction works, settlement of accounts of regulation, construction of related infrastructure, etc.